1,000 Yard

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Friendly competitions shot day and night at the distance of 1000 yards (Night matches are normally at 600 Yards) . There are 3 classes based on caliber: sub-.30 cal, .30 cal and magnums/50. Typically 30-50 competitors with different levels of experience from beginner to expert, participate in each match. New shooters will be helped with technique and fundamentals of 1000 yard shooting.

Matches are open to all for participation or viewing, there is no charge for
spectators. Match entry fee is $25 for DM Members and $30 for Non DM-Members. Must have at least 35 rounds for the match: 15 for sighters and 20 for score.

Be sure to bring yourselves some food and non alcoholic drinks, as there
are none available at the range. Water will be provided for anyone attending the match.

Match Schedule is on the Calendar

1,000 yards

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