Bullseye Pistol

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We shoot a very relaxed match; a total of 180 rounds in about 5 hours, including our lunch break. For anyone who hasn’t tried bullseye it is a great way to work on fundamentals. All it takes to start is a pistol and ammo. We shoot an ‘any pistol’ match (90 rounds, usually a .22) followed by an ‘any center-fire’ match (90 rounds). It is now permissible to shoot a .22 only; your scores will be reported to the NRA as .22 only.

We are an NRA certified league, using turning targets for Timed and Rapid fire.

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NRA SANCTIONED PISTOL LEAGUE CLASSIFICATION: Current NRA Rules govern. These are individual matches. Each class will require a minimum of five (5) competitors. Short classes will be moved to the next higher class.

COURSE OF FIRE; NATIONAL MATCH: 10 shots slow-fire; 10 shots timed-fire; 10 shots rapid-fire. Slow fire: 20 shots, two 10 shot strings at 50 yards. Timed fire: 20 shots, four 5 shot strings at 25 yards. Rapid fire: 20 shots, four 5 shot strings at 25 yards.

TIME LIMITS: 1 minute per shot slow-fire, 20 seconds per 5 shot string timed-fire, 10 seconds per 5 shot string rapid-fire.
1st course of fire: Any Gun.
2nd course of fire: Center-fire. SCORING: Scoring after each 10 shot string.

TARGETS: B-6 (50 yards), B-8 (25 yards).

PISTOL: See NRA PISTOL RULES #’s 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4.

AWARDS: There are currently no awards, other than bragging rights.

DATES: Every 2nd Saturday from April through October for the league.  November through March we will shoot practice matches, weather permitting..

TIME: Please be at the pistol shed by 0830 to register for the match. Safety Brief is at 0845 and the match starts no later than 0900.

MATCH FEES: $10.00 – per entry. START TIMES: 9:00 a.m.



Contact Discipline Leader for more info: