Practical Pistol

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The Practical Pistol program relies strongly on the Principles and Practices of the Modern Pistol Craft as set forth by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, former Director of API/Gunsite.

CLASSIFICATION: Any Defensive or Offensive Field Situation involving use of a handgun.

Pistols: Both semi-autos and revolvers are suitable for use in the Field Situations.

Targets: Scored paper or steel reactive. Distances may be from point blank to 59 yards or more, and the events help the shooter “expand the envelope” of his/her Defensive Pistol Expertise, including the use of Cover and performing under adverse conditions. Check the Calender Page for the dates and times of the monthly matches.

Matches are Open to the Public for participation or viewing.

All matches require a safe and functioning firearm(s), eye and ear protection, a functional, safe holster, magazines and/or speed loaders and a method to carry them. If the event includes long guns, a sling for it is also a must. It is also important to bring plenty of water to re-hydrate year round, a hat or sun visor of some sort, footwear appropriate for the event and range (no open toe or sandals), bug repellent AND SUNSCREEN along with food/snacks. The weather and conditions can change quickly in the mountains; bring layers to remain comfortable in all conditions. I also strongly recommend a way to thoroughly wash your hands both before eating and when finished for the day.

If you wish to be removed please reply “remove me” and I will do just that. Thanks for your past participation, hope to see you on the range.

GATE is Open from: 8am to 4pm

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