Black Powder

Download: Match Report Blank Form – Black Powder

Dale Landin has retired as Black Powder lead.
Jackie will now become lead.
We all would like to thank Dale for his many years of involvement and guidance in the discipline and club.

The Black Powder Muzzle Loaders Group is made up of Folks of most ALL ages from 8 to “Ya Can’t hold up the rifle no more.” These include TRADITIONAL MUZZLE LOADING RIFLES and PISTOLS, TRADE RIFLES, FOWLER’S SHOOTING a ROUND BALL and SMOOTH BORES when used as a RIFLE SHOOTING ROUND BALL ONLY. We use BLACK POWDER or SUBSTITUTES and ROUND BALL ONLY. Most firearms are “REPLICAS” though on special occasions someone may show up with an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL.

CLASSIFICATION: Current NMLRA Rules govern. These are 12-Monthly matches of 40 rounds duration shot on the first Sunday of each month and shot off hand at silhouettes consisting of ten shots each at chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams. In-line Rifles are permitted.

Group Leader: Jackie Landan

Matches are open to the Public. Come join us to participate or just to watch!

GATE is Open from: 8am to 4pm