The Desert Marksmen Shooting Range is located within the Angeles National Forest. The Club and Forest Service work together to assure a safe, long lasting, and positive relationship under a Special Use Permit issued by the Forest Service. Complete Club Rules and all aspects of Range Operation can be found in the Range SOP.

Desert Marksmen Gate Guards, Range Security Officers and Range Safety Officers are there to help, inform and correct actions or situations that may endanger the safety of Members, Guests, Visitors, Club Property or our relationship with the Forest Service.

You will find them to be courteous and respectful should a situation arise requiring their intervention in dealing with Club Rules, Safety Issues, Safe Gun Handling Practices, and the possibility of damage to Club Property or the Forest itself.

If a problem does arise, your lack of returning the courtesy and respect in resolving the issue, may shorten your shooting day.

Unauthorized access to Range: Non-members and additional Guests exceeding one(1) per member are in violation of Club Rules AND US Code Title 18> Part 1> Chapter 91> §1863 Trespass on National Forest Lands, which states: “Anyone who sets foot on National Forest Lands when they are closed to the Public can be charged with trespass. The penalties for this include fines and imprisonment for up to six months.” If the trespass includes a firearm it may be subject to additional Federal and State “Criminal Trespass” penalties.

The following guidelines are for the purpose of educating the general membership, guests, and visitors, on the safe operation of the range during Open Range time.

The operation of the range during scheduled matches is subject to guidelines established for each Discipline and will be under the control of the Match Director.


Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.

Keep your finger off of the trigger and outside the trigger guard, until your sights are on the target.

Know how the firearm operates.

Be sure the ammunition is correct for the firearm. It is recommended that when on the range with more than one firearm, use one at a time and when complete, store that firearm and its ammunition before using the next one.

Be sure of the target and what is beyond. Also be mindful of adjacent areas.

Do not mix alcohol or drugs with shooting activities.

NOTE: Be aware that certain circumstances may require additional precautions not specifically outlined in this list.


During scheduled matches or scheduled practice times, the range as a whole, is considered closed.

The Director of any scheduled event is the Range Officer for the entire range during the period of the event, and must be consulted upon your arrival to the range.

If a member is using any portion of the range prior to the arrival of the Event Director, or arrives during a scheduled event, the member must secure permission to use any other portion of the range and abide by the Event Director’s decision.

Know and obey all range commands. It is everyone’s responsibility to act as a range officer when none is present.

Open range shooting is allowed from sunrise to midnight. Use of the range during open range time will be restricted to the following areas: All positions of the 600 Yard range OR all positions of the Bullseye Pistol Range (shed) AND the 600 Yard Range excluding the uncovered positions 1 thru 4.

The uncovered Positions 1 through 4 of the Main Rifle Range must be clearly marked as closed when the Bullseye Pistol Range is in use.

1,000 Yard Range usage must be scheduled and approved by the ExComm a minimum of 90 days in advance.

The 600 Yard Range is open to all firearms and ammunition providing that Federal and State of California legal type, caliber, and guage requirements are met.

The Bullseye Pistol Range is restricted to any rim fire firearm, any standard center fire pistol caliber, muzzle loading pistols and rifles, smooth bore muskets, and all air guns. No Shot Guns or High Power rifles.

Targets may be made of any material except GLASS.

Paper targets attached to a shooting stand and steel targets specifically designed for shooting targets are strongly recommended. Targets and stands are to be provided by the member. Take your trash HOME!

Targets are to be placed on the flat surface of the Range and be maintained to ensure that the fired projectiles hit a desired portion of the backstops. DO NOT place targets directly on top of the berms. Use a raised target stand. This will prevent erosion of berm tops by bullet impacts.

Every consideration must be taken to ensure that projectiles never leave the range property. Our Special Use Permit, issued by the Forest Service, gives us a specific Range “footprint” and boundaries. Projectiles, such as bullets and shotgun clay fragments, landing outside of these Range boundaries are a violation of our Special Use Permit. As a general guide line of our Range boundaries, everything must land on bare dirt.

All firearms must be cleared before leaving the firing line.

For purposes other than active target shooting, members may wear a loaded and securely holstered handgun provided that it is holstered in a safe carry condition. Safe carry for a handgun is per the manufacturer recommendation for the make and model of handgun and that you are proficient in the safe handling of the handgun. All non-members are prohibited from wearing a handgun for any purpose other than active target shooting.

The use of black powder is authorized on all open ranges. Duplex loads in muzzle loading firearms is prohibited.

Capping, priming and firing of blanks, including popping of caps or flashing of pans must be done on the firing line only.

Open powder containers on the fiing line are prohibited. No smoking within 50 feet of the firing line when black powder is in use.

Eye and hearing protection must be worn at all times when shooting or watching shooting within 25 yards of the firing position.

Recommended eye protection should meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1-1998 standards or equivalent.

Minimum hearing protection of 25-dB reduction is recommended. Protection is strongly recommended within 50 yards of shooting activities.


Camping is allowed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a maximum of two consecutive weeks. You must then vacate for 24 hours before returning. (Excluding scheduled events requiring use of the campground.)

* No discharge of firearms in the picnic area.*

* All fires require a current fire permit from the National Forest Service. *


Members are responsible for their guest and must ensure that the guest complines with all safety procedures.

All scheduled events are open to the public and are not subject to the member/guest policy.


Members are required to maintain the range in a condition the same as or better than when the member arrived.

Maintenance days are scheduled throughout the year and all members are strongly encouraged to attend.


Members must be aware that the Club Range is within the National Forest where hunting is permitted. During hunting seasons, care must be taken to ensure that no hunters are within any potential bullet impact area, including areas surrounding the Club Range Property.

When in compliance with all hunting rules and regulations, Members may hunt on the Club Range.

All scheduled or open range activity takes precedence over all hunting activity at any location within or surrounding the Club Range.

When hunting the Club Range, members must park their vehicles off the edge of the road adjacent to the Picnic/Camping area across from the Black Powder range.

Post a visible sign on the dash stating that they are hunting on the range with their name, date and time they started, their estimated time of completion, and in what area they will be in.

Before arriving members commence shooting or approaching a firing line, that member must signal the hunter with three five second blasts of their vehicles horn and wait for the hunter to return.

If the hunter does not appear, the member is responsible for finding the hunter before starting any activity.

Hunters are responsible for staying within the stated area and must return to their vehicle upon being signaled.


Chopping of trees is prohibited. Grounded dead wood may be used for firewood.

Due to environmental and safety concerns, the mining of lead within the range is prohibited.

Hazardous materials are prohibited with the exception of those required for the routine or scheduled maintenance operations.

Use of gun cleaning solvents in quantities not exceeding one quart is permitted.