1.) Q: “What transaction information is transmitted to Desert Marksmen when I join or renew through the website?”

A: Desert Marksmen receives an email containing only the purchaser’s name, email address, amount of the transaction, such as a New Membership, Renewal, or NRA Membership purchase, and the transaction ID Number. No credit card or PayPal account numbers or information is transmitted to Desert Marksmen. All transaction information such as credit card number, expiration date or PayPal account info is transmitted to the bank.

2.) Q: “I just joined the club / renewed my membership. Why won’t you email me the gate combo so I can go to the range tomorrow / this coming weekend?”

A: Online membership or renewal to Desert Marksmen is not the same as most other types of purchasing and immediate delivery you may be familiar with through the internet. It is different in that you are joining a shooting club and there are certain legalities involved which require additional steps and confirmation of specific information. This requires time and prohibits us from being able to grant you that “buy it now, get it tomorrow” gratification you would like to have. For this reason all new members MUST attend orientation, were you will receive you membership package that includes the gate combo.

The Desert Marksmen Range is a private range open to Club Members in good standing, a member’s immediate family members living under the same roof with the member, and one guest. The range is only open to the Public for participation in, or viewing of, the scheduled shooting matches.

Our range is located in the Angeles National Forest and operates under a Special Use Permit issued by the Forest Service. Trespassing on National Forest land without permission is prohibited. You must carry your valid Club Membership ID Card with you while at the range. It shows that you are a Club Member in good standing; allowing you, your immediate family, and one additional guest to be on our range.

3.) Q: “I was a member two years ago and I want to renew my membership but I now see that I will have to pay an additional $40 plus the $60 annual dues. I thought it was a “ONE TIME” initiation fee of $40? If I am already a member, why do I have to pay an initiation fee again?”

A: Please review the Club Rules and Bylaws covering memberships, dues and arrears, which were written in July of 1958, when the club was formed. The initiation fee refers to New Members. If a current member’s dues are not received on or before June 30 of the current membership year, for the upcoming membership year which begins the next day on July 1st, the member falls into arrears and loses all member benefits and privileges because their membership has expired. There is no past or current rule or bylaw regarding a grace period.

As a member of the club with your dues now two years in arrears, you would have had to bring your membership current by paying the arrears, ($60 x 2 years), plus $60 for the current 2011 ~ 2012 membership year, for a total of $180. In August of 2011 the Executive committee voted to charge a $40 administrative/reinstatement fee plus $60 dues for the current year, totaling $100, rather than having expired members pay their arrears plus $60 for the current membership year dues. This will fully restore their benefits and privileges at a great savings. The $40 administrative/reinstatement fee will also discourage chronic late membership renewals which have become a serious problem for the club.

4.) Q: “Is my immediate family considered Guest ?”

A: A member’s immediate family living in the same house hold, and under the age of 18 are not under the guest policy rule and are welcome to accompany the member to the range at any time. A member is responsible for the actions of their family members.

5.) Q: ” Why am I only permitted to bring one guest to the range at a time, and why am I only permitted to bring the same guest to the range only two times?

A: All members must know and carry a copy of the club rules to the range. A member’s guest has not been issued a copy of club rules and the club holds the member responsible for the actions of their guest. It is the responsibly of the member to supervise their guest 100% of the time while they are at the range.

It is not possible to completely supervise all actions of a guest on your left and on your right at the same time. It is also not possible to completely supervise all actions of a guest with you at the firing line and another guest sitting behind to just watch at the same time. 100% supervision of your guest is required.

Desert Marksmen is a private shooting club and access to the range is for members and their immediate family only. The club considers all other guests and visitors as prospective members who have come with you to see the range and hopefully decide to join the club. Members should not join the club just to have a shooting place for themselves and their shooting buddies. A member abusing the guest policy is subject disciplinary action. Guests in excess of one accompanying a member to the range are trespassing.

6.) Q: “I don’t have a computer or smartphone. How can I join or renew my membership?”

A: You may join or renew at any monthly general membership meeting. See the Calendar page for meeting date, time, and location. If you are unable to attend a meeting we can take your membership over the phone. Please contact the Secretary by phone and give the best date and time for Membership to contact you. (Note: 94% of our members have submitted email addresses.)

7.) Q: I did not get a renewal notice for dues in the mail this year. Do I still have to pay an additional fee to renew?”

A: Desert Marksmen does not mail annual renewal notices to its members. There were constant reminders on the old website DMRPC.org since 2000 and the monthly newsletter, which has come out faithfully every month for over a year, has had reminders. Your file shows that you renewed on time last year in June of 2010, and on time in May of 2009.

8.) Q: “Recently I have been to the range and witnessed a Security Officer(s) checking vehicles and questioning shooters at the range. What’s the deal with that?

A: The current administration is adhering to Club Rules and Bylaws as drawn up in 1958 regarding persons using the range. Lax enforcement of these rules over the years has led to vandalism and damage to the range and club property. Desert Marksmen is a private shooting club requiring membership to enter the range for any reason other than participating in or viewing scheduled Matches open to the Public. All are welcome to join the club and enjoy the benefits and privileges as a member.

Owners of vehicles not displaying the Club Mirror Hanger ID are being asked to show their current Club Membership ID Card as specified in the Club Rules. Those found on the range without a current Club Membership ID Card are required to leave the range. The Forest Service has moved their Ranger Station from the Valencia Industrial Center in Santa Clarita to their new station on Crown Valley Road in Acton, making Forest Service Ranger assistance, when needed in removing unauthorized persons found to be trespassing on the range, only minutes away.

9.) Q: “Why do I need to have my copy of the rules with me at the range?

A: Following the rules stated in your club rule book will ensure your personal safety, the safety of others, help to prevent accidental damage to vehicles parked at the range, minimize damage to berms and other club property, and help minimize damage to the surrounding forest environment, including the natural vegetation and wildlife found on and surrounding the range.

Each range has been designed to allow for the safe discharging of particular guns and ammo calibers. Discharging a gun on a range not designed for that type of gun or ammo caliber can have devastating results including injury to the shooter, other shooters using one of the other ranges, injury to others in the camp ground area and damage to vehicles, due to ricochets. If after arriving at the range, you are unsure as to range usage, guest policy, parking, or other situations that may arise, your rule book is at hand to explain procedures, and keep it a safe shooting experience for everyone.

10.) Q: I didn’t renew my membership, can I still go to the range as the guest of another member?

A: No. A member in arrears has lost all club benefits and privileges and can not be the guest of another member.

11.) Q: I mailed my renewal and check in but have not received my new card and combo yet. Who should I contact?

A: If your renewal was postmarked in July and you did not include a late fee, your renewal is on hold until your late fee is received. You may use the contact form on the Membership Info or Membership Options/Join page to inquire about the status of your renewal.

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