Cowboy Action

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WELL HEY HOWDY THERE BUCKAROOS! AND A HAP, HAP, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO Y’ALL! This here’s yer favorite holiday hodad, Doc Silverhawks, with a reportin of the goins on at our High Desert Cowboys monthly shootin shindig fer January. Well sirs, we barely had us a match at all, with only three brave souls turnin out to share in what turned out to be a fine and fun filled day. It must have been a combination of New Year’s Day bein on the first Sunday, which almost got yers truly, and the fact that we have been havin us some powerfull strong weather as of late, that kept most folks at home and indoors. Well, I am here to tell y’all that it were a BEAUTIFUL day, with full sun, mild temperatures and almost nonexistent breezes, and if you weren’t out doin what it is you love to do, you let a good one get by. We shot four fun filled stages and just plain had us a really good time whilst two, very patient, members waited for us to finish up so’s they could shoot. THANK YOU GUYS! Way to show the Desert Marksmen spirit! I’ll tell you one thing, havin only three shooters made for plenty of shootin of the bull as well as shootin of the steel, ifen ya know what I mean! Anyway, once the shootin had stopped and steel had been wrangled, we skipped havin ourselves an opportunity drawing and made a bee line straight fer our favorite cantina. As always, ifen yer interested in Cowboy Action, or ifen ya just wanna come up and watch, well, you’d be more than welcome. So, until next time, keep yer powder dry, keep yer wagon wheels out of the ruts, and we will see you, On The Range!

Yer Pard
Doc Silverhawks
SASS Regulator #22427

Contact Discipline Leader for more info: Everyone reading this, at one time or another in their lives, wanted to be a cowboy. This fun based action oriented shooting sport offers something for everyone. Whether you want to be the fastest in the sport or just have a great day on the range, Cowboy Action Shooting will satisfy. Some are out to look like a specific character and others create their own persona. Some are in it to enjoy century old authentic firearms and accoutrement while others are completely happy firing replicas or Rugers. This is truly the shooting sport that is what “you” make of it. Great folks and great camaraderie in a relaxed atmosphere are very satisfying plusses that make this shooting sport the fastest growing in America. Cowboy Action Shooting is a Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Match with an Old West Theme. Competitors are challenged by varying Stationary and Reactive Targets, or Stages, requiring various Combinations of firearms. The firearms are late 19th Century style commonly used in the American West, and you are Classed by your age and shooting style. In between pulling your six gun’s you may also be called upon to pull teeth, throw dynamite or break out of jail during a stage. The variety in which you can present the Stages of a Match keep this sport fresh. There are various Side Matches that can include Long Range Rifle, Pocket Pistol, Derringer and Non-Shooting Events such as Costume as well. Desert Marksmen is affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and SASS RULES apply. The Cowboy Action Shooting Group is Registered but Membership in SASS in NOT a Requirement, however there are Minimum types of firearms required to compete. Knowledge of SASS Rules and an understanding of Spirit of the Game is helpful in competing with other Match Members. Come and Join or Watch one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the worl

d, Cowboy Action!

GATE is open from: 8am to 4pm